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Our story

We are the urban farm that cultivates natural and freshest produce sustainably. No pesticides, all-natural. All ingredients that have gone into the farm are carefully selected and sourced.

BlueAcres understands that building a successful farm is not about having more money and spending them on expensive high-tech setups that are not sustainable commercially for our markets or for the scale of the farm.


We design our farms ground up to be as efficient and as low maintenance as possible. We also innovate and develop our own unique custom cultivation technique that considers the macro environment in that we grow the crops while introducing the right amount of automation and control to enhance the yield, maintain consistent quality and keep the operating cost low.

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Beyond farm

We want to be a part of the driving force for sustainable living, producing naturally grown, healthy, organic crops and food economically for the masses in land and resource scarce places. We believe to be truly sustainable, the farm needs to be economically viable, environmentally responsible, and socially accountable.

BlueAcres has partnered with non-profit organisations and institutions to develop new farm processes and systems, and participate in projects that can meaningfully give back to the place we live in.


Aquaponics is a decade old farming technique that creates a symbiotic relationship between plants and fishes. It is the combination of Aquaculture and Hydroponic. The animal produces waste that is converted into nutrients and absorbed by the plants, cleansing the water to maintain a favourable environment to allow the animal to continue to survive.

BlueAcres has developed our proprietary "Pockets" vertical system that has achieved high crop survival rates and exceptional yields. Our Pockets design is adapted into Home and Commercial indoor and outdoor solutions for leafy green vegetable cultivation. By blending Pockets with other techniques, we build systems that grow a wide variety of vegetables and fruit.


vertical O

Aesthetically looking small footprint, self-contained system suitable for outdoor and rooftops

Vertical 360

Vege Wall Outdoor

A high yielding vegetable producing system that is suitable to deploy indoor and outdoor. Great for Veggie Wall displays


A high yielding vegetable producing system that is modular and can be easily clustered together for large scale crop production

Commercial Pockets

Indoor Farm

Classic horizontal plane farming that is relatively simple to design and low maintenance

Deep Water Culture

DWC Roof top




Exceptionally tender and offers a mild cabbage-like flavor. These kales are typically more tender and have a milder flavor than the European “oleracea” kales and therefore the young leaves are better for salad use. They are always superb as a cooked vegetable when the leaves have grown to full size.

Siberian Kale


This gorgeous large blue-green leaves with distinct purple-pink veins in the middle. Classic Lacinato flavor and tenderness make it ideal for fresh kale salads and for smoothies

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Easily recognized by its richly colored burgundy stems and purple tinted leaves. They are flat and toothed like an oak leaf with an overall dark green color and deep red veins.


Red Russian kale offers a mild nutty flavor that is slightly sweet and earthy with a hearty texture. When choosing Red Russian kale look for fresh, bright, firm leaves.



Green Batavia Lettuce resembles ordinary lettuce but has a more crinkled leaves and a wavy leaf. Batavia lettuce leaves are typically sweet and crisp.

Green Batavia Lettuce is a perfect base to build your favourate salad as it blends well with other types of lettuce. Taste great when you roll up in wraps with smoked chicken and cream cheese

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Red Romaine Lettuce is small to medium in size with an elongated shape and stiff, upright leaves. The flavor is milder than that of Green Romaine, a characteristic that is due to the leaves lacking the same levels of chlorophyll.

Red Romaine lettuce is visually appealing and makes great salads.

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A very popular Chinese vegetables that is easily recognized, Baby Xiao Bai Cai (Bok Choy) are often stir-fried with garlic and ginger.

Has a mild flavour and sweet aftertaste. Baby Xiao Bai Cai is a good source of Vitamin A and C.


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Possessing dark green serrated leaves, the taste of 'mizuna' has been described as a "piquant, mild peppery flavor...slightly spicy, but less so than arugula.

Not only is it good to eat, it's also quite decorative, with glossy, serrated, dark green leaves and narrow white stalks, looking good in flower beds and as edging


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Singapore 1st Indoor Commercial Aquaponics Farm, using space-saving vertically suspended Pockets that consume lesser energy and water while cultivating 10x more fresh vegetables compared to traditional farms.   

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