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In our pursuit of science and knowledge in farming system design and construction, we are delighted to have had the opportunity to collaborate and participate in research alongside IHL, interest groups, corporations, and individuals on projects that break new ground and form new friendships.

Institute of Biodiversity Medicine (Singhealth)

A complete auto-dosing hydroponics indoor rack for BD-Med research work. IoT sensors include CO2, Humidity, Temperature, PH, and EC + Cloud dashboard for remote monitoring


Nanyang Polytechnic

Design, build, and supply a series of indoor, easy-to-maintain hydroponics systems with grow lights, ventilation, and water chiller for NYP.

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Batamindo Green (Batam Indonesia)

Situated in Batam, we are privileged to work with one of the largest hydroponics farms in the region to pilot a commercial-scale aquaponics greenhouse system.

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Feasibility study of 4.5m tall vertical grow system

We participated in a feasibility study to help a scientist design and build a 4.5m tall farming system that is capable of being operated by farmers while standing on the ground.

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StorHub Singapore ventures into Aquaponics

We are happy to share our experience and assist the ESG team at StorHub as they build their very first Aquaponics farming system on their rooftop in time to celebrate CNY.


ETHOZ Group Ltd

We design, and build a commercial rooftop farm (including the application of a farming license) of the corporation at Bukit Batok. The farm now produces vegetables for its staff and supplies vegetables to restaurants.

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Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS)

We are very pleased to be able to share with the students about our social and environmental priorities and our support for Singapore's sustainable food security concerns. As part of the collaboration, we co-mentored 2 groups of SUSS students for their respective projects.

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