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Mix green

Farm Matters

How we choose to farm our food matters to our health. We are dedicated to bringing some of the best, most nutritious food to our customers by taking care of the way we farm. We believe that better food leads to better health and quality of life.

Using a combination of decade old farming technique with modern technologies, to enhance the symbiotic relationship between the plants and fishes.
Farm to Table
Our farms are distributed in different locations of Singapore. The decentralized model ensures that the freshest produce is always near our customers.
No Pesticide
We operate free from pesticides. We take every effort and care to ensure no harmful substance ever goes in our production.

Fresh produce

Starting from seed sourcing, storage, seeding, farm preparation, and maintenance, our produce is carefully grown at our farms to perfection. Each plant is hand-picked by our farmers for you on the same day of the harvest.

Leafy Greens

Leafy Greens



Fresh Herbs

Fresh Herbs

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Tell us if you like our vegetables

We listen for your new ideas and how we could improve the quality of our produce.

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Since opening Atout, my current restaurant 6 years ago. I made a point to find a farm here in Singapore that can supply me with Tasty and Fresh Mixed Greens.  
I could not support the idea of flight in salad leaves from the other side of the world that is being served to customers at least 1 or 2 weeks later.
So not only do I support Singapore farmers by sourcing locally, but I serve now to my customers the Best Tasty and Fresh Mixed Greens daily. The cherry on the cake is the greens are Pesticide Free and most important of all we have a relationship with the farm. A long-term partnership which is rare in our world today !!!!!
Thanks so much, BC and team for making this happen week in and week out.

Chef / Owner, Patrick Heuberger
Atout , Dempsey


At Rosemead, we're serious about sourcing exceptional ingredients, and when it comes to lettuce, BlueAcres is the best.  Their dedication to sustainable practices and their commitment to deliciousness is evident in every bite.  Our customers rave about the vibrancy and freshness of our salads.  Partnering with them allows us to offer a truly special farm-to-table experience we feel incredibly proud of.

Chef David Tang
Rosemead Singapore

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