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Farms to Table

BlueAcres partners with site owners and operates several farms situated amongst us where we live, play, and eat. We have taken a decentralized approach to selecting our sites so we can reach our customers in the shortest time possible to ensure our produce is fresh always, bringing you along on the journey from farm to table.

Just-In-Time Farming

We practice Just-In-Time farming. It is always fresh, minimizes food waste, saves energy, and is more sustainable. Together with chefs, we plan each standing order to ensure produce is ready to harvest at its best.

Ng Boon Ching

Started in 2019, we are the 1st commercial indoor aquaponics vertical farm in Singapore. The 2000 sqft farm custom produces a variety of high value kale species.


We are relocating to a new permanent location soon!



Image 2024-01-19 at 17.45.46.jpeg

Combining over 15,000 sqft of rooftop spaces and land. The farm houses a variety of farming systems (Aquaponics, Hydroponics, Soil-based) that provide vocational training for persons with autism.

Image 2024-02-03 at 18.16.19.jpeg

1st Integrated Roof top aquaponics farm at a public hospital, redefining the true meaning of farm-to-table. (farm-to-bedside). This 15,000 sqft farm is a truly circular commercial farm by design.



Farm Design Principles

We are aquaponics architects with more than 8+ years of on-the-ground experience, designing, developing, and constructing aquaponics systems and building urban farms. It is important to understand that every site is unique and designing farms has to consider the macro environmental condition to be economically viable.

Farm layout

Optimized farm layout balances yield, work safety and reduces time to production and delivery.


Efficient & low maintenance system design keeps up the yield and reduces need and reliance on scarce labour.

Cultivation Technique

Blend of conventional and custom cultivation technique for each kind of crop allows us to produce the best quality crops.

System and Controls

Appropriate automation in  system & control improves plant quality, consistency & survivor rate while managing capital outlay

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Free Farm Tours

We provide free farm tours for the family of lower income, elderly, and populations with special needs.

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